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6/26/2022 WINDOWS RELEASE! v1.2 BUILD 4700 (64bit/32bit) TCU & AWD (E-SERIES & F-SERIES 2011+) — Get it here!

Introducing bmTuned AWD

bmTuned AWD is a Smartphone/Tablet App that allows you to take control & configure your BMW xDrive AWD system!

You now have the ability to not only stay in AWD mode but also flash & activate a Rear Wheel Drive, Track, and Snow mode, for greater control over your vehicle.

You may switch between modes as many times as you'd like, and as frequently as you'd like. Under 60 seconds & you're on your way!

bmTuned AWD F-Series $149.99 USD E-Series $124.99 USD

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2009 BMW 335xi
3 Series, Sedan
N54B30O0 (306BHP); 6 Speed
Current Mode
7607980 (sw up-to-date)
Coding Backup

Available Flash Modes

AWD Mode

This mode flashes your car with the stock flash and therefore provides 100% stock functionality from the factory. Drive your car as it was meant to be be driven.

RWD Mode

This mode flashes your car and shifts everything to the rear wheels, bypassing the front transfercase. This mode is as if your car came from the factory with RWD.

Track Mode

This is a more sporty AWD mode that is better suited for the track. This mode reduces understeer and makes your vehicle easier to drift.

Snow Mode

This mode gives more leeway to the rear wheels to spin during winter while still keeping good traction on all four. Use this mode to have more fun during cold conditions.

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bmTuned AWD Requirements

E-Series: Requires the use of an WiFi Adapter or a K+DCAN INPA FTDI USB cable connecting your car to your phone (via a Micro USB OTG cable).

F-Series: Requires the use of an WiFi Adapter or ENET Adapter.

Wireless Adapters: MHD Wireless Adapter supported

iOS support is coming soon.