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bmTuned AWD Flash License

xDrive AWD to RWD flash tuning

Purchase AWD License

E-Series (2011 & older) License:

$105 USD

  • $105 USD

F-Series (2011+,MY2012) License:

$125 USD

  • $125 USD

Each license is valid for a single (one) vehicle only. You will be billed as OddsMedia, LLC.

No refunds. You may upgrade your license or convert unused licenses into a new license code for re-redemption by another account.

Description / Features

Purchasing a bmTuned AWD Flash License will enable you to flash a single vehicle (VIN-locked) unlimited times using Windows/macOS/iOS/Android for xDrive models to switch between AWD (factory) and RWD (rear-biased) settings.

With ease you'll be able to flash between all wheel drive (factory settings) and a full rear wheel drive bias setting, as well as track & snow modes with E-Series (only).

Steering Assist, ABS & DSC continue to work in RWD mode

You can view your vehicle settings after redemption online via Your Garage or in-app.

All licenses come with DTC code reading.

Check Support / Compatibility

  • AWD
  • RWD
  • Snow
  • Track

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