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How do I install bmTuned on macOS?

Answer: Download the .dmg file from downloads for macOS Intel/ARM M1/M2 Universal Binary. Double click the downloaded .dmg file to open the installer window. Drag and drop the app from the left to your Applications folder on the right. After that you will see bmTuned listed under your Applications.

Does bmTuned run on the new Macs M1 & M2?

Answer: Yes, bmTuned runs natively on both intel processors and the new ARM processors — M1 & M2 — for the best experience.

Do my vehicle settings stay the same between devices or reinstalls?

Answer: Yes, all of your settings are saved in Your Garage and can be managed from any device — Windows, macOS, iOS, Android — starting exactly where you left off. You may edit settings directly from your garage (the website) and then view those settings from any device using the app after it has been restarted.

How do I check support for my vehicle?

Answer: You can check support for your vehicle either by connecting to your vehicle directly within the app, which will show if your vehicle is supported and then what features are supported, or you may also view support / compatibility for your vehicle from each product page directly — bmTuned AWD or bmTuned TCU. Future support will be added and features increased so keep checking back if you find your vehicle not supported.

Can I sell a license code I have?

Answer: Yes, license codes may be sold and/or traded. They are tied to specific products, which can be identified by the license code format. Each license code starts with BMTUNED. The trailing 3 characters represent the product (AWD, TCU, ECU) with the single preceding character before that representing the series (E, F, G for AWD/ECU & 6, 7, 8 for TCU). Example: BMTUNED...EAWD.

How can I check the validity of a license code I have?

Answer: You may check the validity of a license code without redeeming it or applying it to an account by using the license code validator which can be found linked from the bottom of every page.

How many vehicles does a license cover?

Answer: Each vehicle license covers a single vehicle only, determined by the VIN of the vehicle after a license has been applied.

How do I apply a license or redeem a license code I have?

Answer: If you have a license code to redeem, you may do so while logged into the website under Your Garage. With a license code listed under your garage as "Ready to apply," you may launch the app on any device — Windows, macOS, iOS, Android — and upon connecting to the vehicle you will be presented with a screen with the ability to apply the license. Applying the license will make a one time bond between that VIN of the vehicle and your license.

bmTuned AWDReady to apply
(1) E-Series License Available