bmTunedTuning Platform for BMW

Hardware Requirements

Physical hardware required to connect to vehicle

Wireless Adapter

OBD WIFI Wireless Adapter

Connect to your vehicle with the use of a wireless OBD adapter. Maintain fast reliable flashes over extended range. Flash time may deviate up to ~10 seconds over a wired connection. Consistent flashing method usable with all devices. Supports E-Series, F-Series (2011/MY2012+) & G-Series vehicles. Best wireless for E-Series.

bmTuned supports MHD Wireless Adapter, THOR wifi adapter, etc.

ENET Cable / WIFI Adapter

OBD ENET / Wireless Adapter

Connect to your F-Series (2011/MY2012+), G-Series vehicle with either a wired ENET OBD adapter or a wireless WIFI ENET OBD adapter. Wired ethernet will provide the best connection with a very fast and consistent flash of ~21 seconds with bmTuned TCU for transmission flashes on F-Series. ENET is not available on E-Series.

OBD Wired / Serial Adapter

INPA OBD Wired / Serial Adapter

bmTuned for Windows allows you to connect directly using an INPA KWP serial connection and supports E-Series, F-Series & G-Series. Fast & consistent, wired serial connection. Connect to your phone using an OTG to micro usb cable. Not usable on iPhone (iOS).

Serial support coming to macOS & Android soon.

bmTuned AWD for F-Series

OBD ENET / Wireless Adapter

bmTuned AWD for F-Series (MY2012+) requires the use of a ENET adapter (large). A wireless adapter (small) will not work other than flashing factory software.