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bmTuned TCU Flash License

Custom transmission flash tuning

Purchase TCU License

6-Speed License:

$145 USD

  • $145 USD

8-Speed License:

$145 USD

  • $145 USD

Each license is valid for a single (one) vehicle only. You will be billed as OddsMedia, LLC.

No refunds. You may upgrade your license or convert unused licenses into a new license code for re-redemption by another account.

Description / Features

Purchasing a bmTuned TCU Flash License will enable you to flash a single vehicle (VIN-locked) unlimited times using Windows/macOS/iOS/Android for ZF6HP/ZF8HP automatic transmissions.

With ease you'll be able to modify shift points, torque limits, fine-tune launch control settings, and enable the gear display to be visible always, as well as any other features we support for your vehicles specific software version. Features are dependent on software version & accessibility will be improved. Connect to your vehicle using the app to see what features you specifically will have access to immediately.

You can immediately begin to customize your transmission settings after redemption online via Your Garage or in-app.

Flash license comes with the ability to modify your factory software. Additional software to be made available for purchase in the marketplace.

Features supported (software version dependent, connect to check supported): Gear Display, Soft Shifts, Throttle Blips, Torque Limits, Line Pressure Increase, Lockout 6th Gear, Launch Control Settings, Shift Speeds, Shift Points, Shift Maps

All licenses come with DTC code reading.

Check Support / Compatibility

Please enter the 4th to 7th digit of your VIN to check compatibility with bmTuned TCU. If you are unsure, enter your full VIN.

Your vehicle was not found. Try connecting with the app directly to your vehicle to find out for certain if your vehicle is or is not supported. Future vehicle support is increasing all of the time.
Vehicle Supported! -Speed License
Connect to your vehicle to see exactly what options you will be able to optionally configure.
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