TCU Compatibility

6-Speed Coming Soon 8-Speed out now!

Introducing bmTuned TCU

bmTuned TCU allows you to customize your supported 8HP (6HP coming soon!) automatic transmission through the use of quick customizable settings or via a custom bin file, either self-provided or through the use of the bmTuned 3rd-Party Tuner Marketplace.

ZF Auto transmissions are found throughout the entire lineup, including the beastly M cars & Alpina!

  • Upload your custom bin files to your bmTuned Garage to sync to your devices
  • Vehicle coding backed up to your bmTuned Garage on purchase
  • View your vehicle coding from your bmTuned Garage as well as the status of all your vehicles. Never forget what mode you left a car in!
  • Multiple vehicle support — Restored from your bmTuned Garage on launch
  • Cloud updated TCU flash changes — All devices stay sync'd, current & up-to-date! Internet connection required to sync to your bmTuned Garage

Pre-flash Notes: Turn airplane mode on, connect to the WiFi adapter & configure the WiFi connection to low data mode. Close all other apps. Turn ignition on before flashing.

Battery charger recommended. Flash at home / shop.

Required hardware: WiFi ENET Adapter (MHD, THOR, etc)

bmTuned AWD F-Series $99.99 USD E-Series $69.99 USD

Online Garage

Take your cars with you anywhere! View all available up-to-date information online anytime, saved live in the cloud.

View history logs of the unlimited times you adjust your vehicle.

View the saved copy of your vehicle's coding in the cloud.

2011 BMW 550i xDrive
5 Series, Sedan
N63B44O0 (408BHP); 8 Speed
Last TCU Flash
SW #
Custom+ 10/7/2020
My Custom Tune
Coding Backup

iPhone Screenshots & Video

iPad Screenshots & Video

bmTuned TCU Requirements

6-Speed: Requires the use of an WiFi Adapter or a K+DCAN INPA FTDI USB cable connecting your car to your phone (via a Micro USB OTG cable).

8-Speed: Requires the use of an WiFi Adapter or ENET Adapter.

Wireless Adapters: MHD Wireless Adapter supported

iOS support is coming soon.